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What’s the Point of Styled Shoots?

July 7, 2021

This feels like a loaded question, sheesh!! We would love to share all the reasons we love styled shoots, because there are so many more reasons than “they’re so fun!”

On a basic level, styled shoots are to help businesses.

From us, to the photographers, to every vendors joining in, to the models showing up, we all benefit in some way! Working together is the best way for us to connect our businesses and get content that helps all of us continue to grow our brands and reach! Everyone gets fresh marketing content to use however they like to show ideal clients that you’ve got what they want! From us, every shoot we do gives us more credibility to photographers that we know how to host fresh shoots and helps us get more photographers and videographers in the next ones. While the venue gets fresh photos of ideal weddings they hope to host and connect with every other photographer/videographer and vendor to help them find more couples that might want to use their venue! This is also why we create a vision board for the shoot BEFORE we get any vendors in. We want every vendor to feel like the shoot is right up their alley and will help them showcase their work for future ideal clients!

While these shoots are usually ideal for everyone, they also allow us all to try new things and break out of our creative shells!

We are all working together so we not only get a huge say in how we work and what our work looks like (versus the client being in control usually) but we all learn from each other, work around each other and with one anothers ideas, and stretch our creative muscles to try new things and get ideas from each other to really break out! For photographers and videographers, this is the best time to try new gear, new lighting techniques, try new posing with couples or models, and just go for all those new ideas you have been dying to try! You dont have a paying client expecting something from the final result, so you really get to work those new things into your style without the pressure!

Of course, this is an incredible time to NETWORK with one another!

Not only are we all working together to make the shoot amazing, but once we all get there and start setting up and shooting, everyone gets to connect! This is a HUGE aspect of Honey&Bloom Shoots. We provide snacks and drinks to all the photographers/videographers as well as the vendors and highly welcome all vendors to stick around for the entirety of the shoot to meet everyone involved and connect with the photographers/videographers who’s images they hope to use!! Not only does this make it so everyone can really put faces to names (don’t we all greet each other by our instagram handles these days?) but it makes the shoots so much more fun and community focused!

So, now you get why these shoots are so fun and valuable to everyone involved!!

If you are a vendor, you can join us for shoots to showcase your amazing work or service, and photographers/videographers we can’t wait to see you capture every unique detail of our next shoot as well!! Shoots are usually weekdays, although we try our best for Sundays! And we try to schedule the shooting time for sunset or late afternoon based on lighting so everyone can shoot with the best lighting (and so we have some hours beforehand to set it ALL up!) If you want to join us for our next shoot as a photographer/videographer or vendor make sure to head to our SHOOTS page to sign-up and join our email list to be the first to know when we drop dates!


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